Burooj has become a renowned Pakistani fashion house which designs, manufactures, distributes and retails couture, ready-to-wear clothing as well as jewellery and accessories for men and women.

Established for over 12 years all Burooj products are built on 3 pillars: Class, Quality and Exclusivity.

Burooj markets these products under several labels: Burooj Man, Burooj Women, Burooj jewels, Burooj Couture and Burooj kids.

Our Vision

As a brand we believe in setting the benchmark with our collections and retail stores. Customer service and quality are two major factors which have led to our success over the years.

Our Mission

Whether you are buying a simple casual outfit off the store floor or a high-end bespoke outfit from our Studio, Burooj will always go the extra mile in understanding the initial requirements of the customer before providing the final product.

Burooj is committed and dedicated in setting the standard in the ethnic fashion industry that it is a part of. We have a passion in providing high quality, innovative and elegant outfits for both bride and groom on their special day catering exclusively for the UK market yet incorporating traditional design values.

Contact Us

Burooj Online,
United Kingdom

Phone : 0161 225 6868 
Email: info@burooj.co.uk

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